LACHS is a basin of advanced technology in the ground handling industry, streamlining the cargo experience for our clients. We are fully equipped with top tier infrastructure and expertise to provide our clients with excellent service.

Infrastructure advantages include :

  • Location at LGG in the heart of Europe’s golden triangle (Frankfurt-Paris-Amsterdam)
  • Cargo centered airport 24X7, 365 days, no curfews
  • Located on the waterline, allowing very short taxi times of 5 minutes or less
  • Capable of dealing with most types of aircraft (Boeing , Airbus, MD11 and more)
  • 16,000 sq. meters of covered warehouse space and additional storage areas
  • Temperature mapped and controlled warehouse, cold storage areas and deepfreeze refrigerators
  • Largest capacity high loader (52 tons) in Europe
  • Automated roller system for ULD (“saco”) enables a full 747 payload to pass from tarmac to trucks within 4 hours
  • Wireless monitoring network for real time location and condition reporting (for perishable and pharmaceutical shipments)
  • Special permits and escorts, and ADR certified drivers ensure consistent safety and efficiency to final destination
  • Sophisticated trucking capabilities including reefer trailers with high insulation value (FRC certified)
  • Specialized flooring for horses
  • Dual temperature trailers
  • GPS communication between driver and dispatch for position and temperature data

Expertise advantages include:​

  • QEP certified to support cold chain shipments, onsite Envirotainer station.
  • Recently awarded the ISO9000 certification, assuring the highest industry quality standards
  • High security clearance
  • Super expedited customs clearance service
  • Certified expert staff at every critical point in the transport chain