At Challenge Handling, your live animals are treated as our guests. As our passengers, they have the choice of first class, business class or coach, and are always handled with ultimate care and attention. We have both the infrastructure and expertise to ensure that your animals – from poultry to thoroughbred horses – arrive at your desired destination safely and comfortably.

We are Europe’s #1 ground handling service for horse transport, specializing in dedicated charters as well as on our scheduled routes. We have tremendous experience in complex equine projects, including multiple charters of horses. For example, in 2014 we transported 600 horses in just 2 weeks! We also have the unique ability to setup a special infrastructure to handle a mass of horses on a tight timeline.

For your live animal cargo, Challenge Handling  is their second home.
They are welcome!


At Challenge Handling, we know that successful transportation of live animals as air cargo is based on controlling three environmental factors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity level
  • C02 concentration

Each type of animal requires a unique and optimal environment to ensure their health and comfort in transport. We take animal health seriously and not only require animal physiology knowledge from our staff; in addition, we retain an on-call, local veterinarian for consultation.

Our temperature controlled warehouse was built with your animals in mind; we host specialized flooring for horses, collapsible horse stalls and both standard and custom built crates for smaller animals. Often, the horse groom or escort will fly along with the animal and becomes our partner in feeding and proactive care.

Planes park right on the “waterline” which is a mere 10-30 meters from our warehouse. In addition, we are able to load livestock indoors, effectively eliminating the risk of weather deviations causing illness or discomfort. In case of a flight delay or reschedule, we have the space, knowledge and motivation to remove horses from their stalls and allow them space and freedom to stretch their legs. We also have a state of the art quarantine, to ensure legal compliance.

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