Perishable cargo is sensitive cargo. It’s not only temperature sensitive; it’s time sensitive, and the hours it takes to get to market ultimately translate to your profit margin. At Challenge Handling, we understand the speed, control and efficiency required to get your perishable products from plane to truck and on to its final destination quickly.

Our state of the art temperature controlled warehouse caters to popular temperature ranges for your perishable products including:

  • -18°C
  • 15-25°C (CRT)
  • 2-8°C

Unloading speed and efficiency are of paramount importance with perishable shipments. We offer incredibly fast unloading and transport, featuring an automated roller system for ULD. At Challenge Handling, a full 747 payload of perishable goods pass from tarmac through our warehouse and onto trucks in less than 4 hours.

Since planes park directly on the “waterline”, access to our warehouse is immediate and minimizes exposure of temperature sensitive shipments to potential deviations of the tarmac.

We also offer super expedited customs broker services and our trucking services boast optimal transport conditions for sensitive goods.

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