At Challenge Handling, security is one of our highest priorities. Under the Directorate General Technical Airworthiness, we implemented an unrivaled security program deploying and consistently reevaluating security measures.

Our security program covers access control, rigorous staff screening and training, cargo handling screening and protection (including the obligation to maintain the “sterility of the shipments”), regular audits and meticulous record keeping.

In accordance with EU Regulation 300/2008, Challenge Handling abides by the following legislative acts in regards to security:

• Commission Decision 3031/2001 on handling security sensitive information
• Regulation 18/2010 of the National Quality Control Program, powers of National Appropriate Authority and obligations for conduct of compliance monitoring on a national level
• Regulation 72/2010 on preparation and conduct of Commission Inspections
• National Acts under which the appropriate authority is established

All shipments are subject to our security controls before being placed on board an aircraft. Your cargo needs are handled not only with care, but also with the highest level of security.