Are you being told that your shipment is “too wide”, “too long” or “too heavy” to be transported internationally? Featuring a full arsenal of special equipment for large, heavy or oddly shaped cargo, Challenge Handling is uniquely prepared to overcome your nonstandard challenges. We have successfully shipped all sorts of nonstandard items and our trained loadmasters rise to the challenge every time. From whales to turbines, helicopters to yachts, electric poles to bus chassis and deluxe automobiles, Challenge Handling is your preferred ground handler for nonstandard items.

Our specialized equipment and knowledge for nonstandard items includes:

  • Europe’s only 52 ton high loader
  • Double and triple connected pallets
  • Lateral connected pallets
  • Ramp vehicles
  • Open and closed dollies
  • Strict build up and loading procedures as defined by our ALM and GOP
  • Compliance with IATA AHM and Boeing loading manuals

We understand that your partner in transporting nonstandard items can’t rest once the shipment arrives in our warehouse. That’s why our trucking division arranges both special permits and escorts to ensure that your shipment arrives safely at its final destination.

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