Challenge Handling is a state of the art facility featuring a temperature mapped and controlled warehouse and 40,000 square meters of space designed specifically to cater to pharmaceutical and health care products.

In addition, we host a highly technological environment featuring sensors both distributed throughout our warehouse on the shipments themselves and. This innovative wireless monitoring network provides real time condition reporting on temperature, humidity, shock, light, tilt and pressure, enabling proactive intervention. Our experts are alerted before temperature deviations occur.

Our unique infrastructure facilitates incredibly fast unloading and transport:

  • Incoming planes park right on the “waterline”, 10-30 meters from our warehouse. Shipment exposure to temperature and environmental deviations is therefore minimal.
  • Our automated roller system for ULD enables a full 747 payload to pass from tarmac through warehouse and onto trucks in less than 4 hours.
  • We offer super expedited customs clearing service, and top tier door-to-door pickup and drop-off services across Europe.
  • Our sophisticated trucking capabilities include reefer trailers with high insulation value (FRC certified), dual temperature trailers and GPS communication between driver and dispatch (for updated position and temperature data.)
  • Challenge Handling was named and Qualified Envirotainer station.
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