The process of clearing customs has traditionally presented challenges and delays for critical time sensitive shipments, when lag time can translate to significant financial setbacks. At Challenge Handling, our warehouse is fully bonded and we have established a customs simplification process to ensure timely handling of your cargo.

Our customs approved process includes the ability to load and unload trucks without the presence of a customs agent, print customs documents locally rather than traveling to the customs office, and clear customs documents simply and more quickly than ever before

In addition, Challenge Handling provides the following services to our clients to simplify and hasten the cargo handling process:

  • Production of export document for cargo with EU origin
  • Production of origin certificate (EUR 1)
  • Production of transit document for import cargo
  • Phyto sanitary check
  • Veterinary check
  • Request for special authorization as transit license for arms or military equipment
  • Clearance of custom document
  • Management of documents and authorizations including:
    • “Cites certificate” for the protection of the WFF
    • Import / export and transit license for arms and military equipment
    • DAA document issued for alcohol, and cigarettes
    • Dual use document for cargo which may be categorized as both commercial and military use
    • Cultural goods authorization
    • ATA document
    • TIR document